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NG Service S.A.S. di Fontana Marco e C. is a company present on the market since 1997, represents with the brand labelsandtapes, a point of reference appreciated by thousands of companies throughout the national territory.

www.labelsandtapes.com, is a portal able to offer the best solutions for industrial and automatic identification, ie innovative solutions for labeling that aim at the needs of customers with specific supplies to or large and small companies.

Our customers are thousands, spread all over the national territory. We have been collaborating for years with large distribution companies, manufacturers, local health authorities, public bodies, private post offices, food stores and many other sectors.

Our goal is pursued through continuous investments in the most advanced technologies and in the ability to deal with the needs of each merchandise sector with dynamism and proactivity.

Pre and post sales assistance allows us to know the real needs of the customer and suggest the ideal solution taking into account costs and consumption.


Where we are

NG Service S.A.S. di Fontana Marco e C. is based in:

Via Albarida, 18
Barzana - 24030 (BG) ITALY

Phone: +39 349 5047330
Mail: info@labelsandtapes.com
CEM: ngservicesas@pec.it



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Who we are
Where we are
  NG SERVICE SAS di Fontana Marco & C.

Via Albarida, 18
24030 Barzana (BG)
Tel. +39 370 3379358

P.IVA IT04223750169
Cod.Fiscale 04223750169




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